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Banwol Reservoir

Banwol Reservior located near 460 Dundae-dong, and water from Jibye-gol, Sem-gol and Jibangbawi-gol flows to the southeastward direction into the reservoir. It was completed in 1957 and has a water storage capacity of about 46,000 ha. It is used as a resting place for anglers during the week and families to enjoy its beauty and pleasures during weekend.

Galchi Reservoir

Galchi reservoir is located near 75 Sokdal-dong at Jeongjandeul in the northern part of Daeam.
The reservoir was completed in 1984 and is capable of storing 8.6 ha. of water with a depth of 8m. Many people enjoy fishing during weekends or holidays.

Anyang Benest Club

Anyang Benest Club, known as one of the best golf courses in Korea, is located at 1 Bugok-dong. The Anyang Country Club, famous for its unique landscape, is not a public golf course but a private golf course operated completely based on membership.
It opened on June 16, 1968, and is a 6,219m-long 18-hole golf course satisfying international standards.

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