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Surisa Temple

Surisa Temple is located at 329 Sokdal-dong, which is 225m above the sea level in Namsa-myeon, Georyong-bong Peak and was built during the reign of King Jinheung of Shilla Dynasty (539-575). The name ‘ Suri Temple ’ originated from the meaning of ‘a sacred temple to foster faith and the mind’. Although the temple was destroyed during the Korean War, it was rebuilt in 1955.

Sangyeonsa Temple

Sangyeonsa Temple, established on May 1, 1975, is located at 840-2 Sanbon-dong, Gunpo City with a ground area of 2,805 ㎡ and building area of 136 ㎡

Yongjinsa Temple

Yongjinsa Temple, established in February 1985, is located at 840-19 Sanbon-dong, Gunpo City with the building area of 300 ㎡

Beophaesa Temple

Beophaesa Temple is a temple built around 1965 at 378-4 Geumjeong-dong and located currently at 860 Dang-dong, Gunpo City with the ground area covering 1,980 ㎡ and total floor area of 460 ㎡ .

Samseongsa Temple

Samseongsa Temple is located at 105-2 Bugok-dong across the main gate of Anyang Benest Club.
It is known as Samseong since it is a village where three families, including the Shinan Ju Family, Indong Jang Family and Hyeonpung Kwak Family, have resided for generations. The village holds the Dodangje (Dodang Ritual) on July 1 by the lunar calendar every year under Gamtu-bong Peak , and the location is Dangjib (shrine) where that ceremony is held.

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