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Gunpo city has annual festivals and events in April and October.
These festivals and events help citizens to in united and be proud of their own community.
The festivals have a variety of programs for citizens and visitors to participate in and enjoy.
The events include parade, street performance, Gilnori (farmer's street music), open concert, fireworks, etc.

Ⅱ . Gunpo Citizen's Grand Festival, Citizen's Day Festival
Ⅲ . Surisan Drawing Contest (in October)
Ⅳ . Forest Concert (June ~ October: once a week)
Ⅴ . Citizen's One Mind Hiking (Once quarterly)
Ⅵ . Royal Azalea Festival
Ⅶ . Photo gallery: Open concert, Didimdol cultural event, Sansinje (rituals offered to the gods of mountain), Gunpo Women's Chorus, Gunpo Teens Chorus, Movie
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