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It’s my great pleasure to have this opportunity to greet all citizens here.
I am Kim Yunju, the mayor of Gunpo.

The local autonomy system by popular vote has been already greeting the 6th anniversary.
However, I am rather worried if there is any citizen who still thinks it’s hard to get access to the city hall.

More than 800 public servants of Gunpo City and I are pursuing affairs of city under the philosophy that “the citizens are the masters”, as well as lowering of the door steps of the City Hall in order for our citizens to approach us more comfortably and easily.

About 800 government employees of Gunpo and I have been executing the municipal administration with the philosophy that ‘citizens are owners’ as well as the endeavor to facilitate the access of citizens to the city hall.

In particular, I eagerly wish all citizens of Gunpo feel free to visit Gunpo Municipal Government website and present a variety of opinions related to municipal administration.

I also desire to be the mayor who can always communicate with citizens by visiting citizens without just waiting for the citizens to come close to me.
Gunpo Municipal Government website will be the channel to meet Gunpos citizens.

I hope all citizens visit our website and suggest precious opinions. I will put every endeavor to carefully listen to the citizens on citizens’ sides all the time.

Thank you very much.

Kim, Yoon-joo

Mayor of Gunpo City

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